Friday, February 23, 2007

head shoot in tahoe

i got picked up and the first stop was the supermarket.
jerome the chef tells us to take a shopping cart each and then he starts giving us items off of the shopping list to go and get. before we know it we have 3 carts brimming with shopping and it came to around $700!!!

The first days were really bad weather with high winds, thick cloud and heavy snow.
not the best conditions but a lot better than the week before we arrived.

adventualy the weather cleared up and the sun came out and there was lots of powder to blast through.

Dan Wakeham popping an indy over a tree stump.

keeping in close radio contact.

Tyler Emond taking on a pillow line.

Jukka Eratuli with a fs boardslide on a bench at the beach.

some of the crew chillin on the beach.

the trip worked out nicley, with fresh white snow to start with then some nice sunshine and sunburn to finish it off.
i would have liked to have had some more shots but you will just have to wait till the catalog comes out!